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Roger Tebbutt (Treasurer)
Jean Timmins  - Tel 07983 226169
Jan Pain - Tel 01550 777605
Linda Lees - Tel 0033 233 712 675
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UK Mainland Secretary:  Don Reeves
Mobile: 07388 870886 (text for return call)

Northern Ireland Secretary: Larry Scott
Mobile: 07736 967190  

It is an unfortunate fact that occasionally, for various reasons, some owners find they are no longer able to keep their Irish Wolfhounds. The Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust was formed in 1967 by a group of responsible breeders, who realised there was a need to offer assistance to such owners. The Trust aims to find suitable new homes for these great hounds and to raise the money necessary to finance such an organisation.
Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust
The Secretary of the Trust keeps a register of possible homes and in the event of a home being needed, endeavours to put the owner of the hound in direct contact with a suitable new owner. The Trust does not 'deal' in Irish Wolfhounds, and makes no charge for this service but its expenses, such as postage and telephone costs, are considerable. For this reason, as a new owner, you are expected to make a donation of at least £150, (more would of course, be most welcome!). Bearing in mind the cost of a twelve week old puppy is in the region of £2,500 - £3,500, this sum is not onerous.

It is an express condition of this Rescue Trust that any hound placed in a new home shall not be used for showing or breeding, nor be sold. For this reason, all papers such as pedigrees and registrations, are retained by the Trust and the new owners are required to enter into a written undertaking regarding this.
The Trust is always grateful to hear from those willing to offer homes and help. Obviously rescued hounds cannot be supplied to order and searching enquiries have to be made to ensure that the new home is suitable.

Furthermore, it is necessary to make quite sure that prospective new owners know what it’s like to have a new family member weighing anything up to fourteen stone! Wolfhounds need expensive food and extensive exercise if they are to be kept fit, healthy and out of mischief. Upon completion of the adoption questionnaire and contract arrangements are made for a visit from an experienced Wolfhound owner who will often bring along an adult Wolfhound. This gives potential owners the opportunity to ask questions and to experience sharing a sitting room with such a giant hound.

If you are lucky enough to be offered a companion Irish Wolfhound by the Rescue Trust, you should send your donation directly to the Irish Wolfound Rescue Trust. On no account should any payment be made to the person from whom you collect your hound.
The Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust
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