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The IWRT remains a completely independent organisation and its work has always been undertaken under a rule of confidentiality. For this reason the Trust cannot apply to organisations for grants or funds. 

This means that the Trust relies entirely on donations directly to ‘The Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust’ and guarantees that it is used for the work of the Trust. Anyone wishing to make a donation or bequest, please send to the Treasurer, Roger Tebbutt, or via the donate button below.
If you wish to make a donation by cheque
please send it directly to the Treasurer:

Roger Tebbutt
Glyn Llanbedrgoch, Anglesey, Wales  LL76 8SX

Cheques should be made payable to
The Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust.
Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust
With heartfelt thanks . . .

December 2022
In Memory of Hazel Perkins
Friends and family of the late Hazel Perkins have generously made donations in her memory, and between them have raised a total of £1,000 for the trust.

All of us involved in the IWRT greatly appreciate this magnificent gesture, and feel humbled that the trust was chosen to honour Hazel.

April 2018
On behalf of everyone involved in Irish Wolfhound Rescue, can I say a HUGE thank you to Mandy Addington for the magnificent £1519.72 you have transferred into our account? We are in awe of the generosity shown by your Community group, and want everyone who has supported your raffle to know how much it is appreciated. We have been through very challenging and expensive times last year, so your donation has come at a really opportune moment. Knowing there is such a wellspring of support for what we do gives us great confidence to carry on with our work. Thank you all once again, and special thanks to you, Mandy, for your unstinting commitment which makes you such a successful fundraiser.

December 2017
Everyone involved in the work undertaken by the Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust will be delighted to know that we have received the wonderful sum of £2250 from the Irish Wolfhound Charitable Trust. This sum is the entire proceeds of the Grand Christmas Raffle organised by the Charitable Trust to raise funds exclusively for our benefit.

Fundraising like this and on this scale makes a real difference to our ability to support and rehabilitate hounds who may not be in the best of health when they need rehoming.
The Rescue Trust would like to place on record our thanks to the team who set up and ran the raffle, and to everyone who so generously supported it. Thank you, one and all!

~~~~~  Thank you for your generosity ~~~~~

The Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust
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